Weekly Blog 5 : Travel Note of China : The Sky funeral platform & Sertar Larung Gar Monastery πŸ‡¨πŸ‡³

The eye-catching panorama of Seda. πŸ“·

I often hear people talk about Seda, but few people around me have been there.

Some people say that one must go to Seda once in a lifetime, but many people don’t even know why they should do that. For me, Seda is like a secret world, not touched by the mundane dust, pure and natural. It is the most dazzling medicine in the worst natural environment.

The standard red house in Larung Gar Monastery.

At first, I thought it was difficult to get to Seda, because it was an unknown place and i was alway full of anxiety about the unknown.

Also, the news reported more than once natural disasters such as frequent earthquakes, mudslides, and landslides in Sichuan. So, I hesitated for a while, but finally decided to go to Seda with all my heart, since it was the ideal place for me to think about hundreds of days and nights. So, in this restlessness, I went west.

Picturesque way to Seda, and the little Monk that we met. ☁️

The journey from Chengdu to Seda was picturesque. I ran into hordes of cows and sheep and friendly Tibetans and monks.

The first destination of my trip is the Sky burial platform. Out of respect for the deceased, I did not take pictures and I also hope that everyone will also respect the ritual and cultures there. Although I really enjoy photography, in this trip, I would rather use my own eyes to experience it and remember it. So, instead of posting pictures about the burial, I put some photos that I took during the trip, which can also show my respect to the nature.

Speaking of burial, many people feel terrible and disgusting at first. However, when I actually stood there, I was surprisingly calm, without any uneasiness in my heart, but watching the funeral ceremony with a sacred mentality.

Tibetans admire the burial of the sky, and believe that feeding the vulture with a “skin” is the most noble giving. This has nothing to do with terror and nausea, this is only sacred and noble. The core of celestial burial is the immortality of the soul and reciprocation. Death is just the separation of the immortal soul from the old body, which is a different transformation of different times.

When the time of the burial was getting closer, the surrounding hillside was crowded with onlookers. The family members successively carried the corpses, and they were carried by the cloth that specially wrapped the corpses.The entire corpse cutting process was covered with cloth curtains. Only when the wind passed, the bones inside could be seen vaguely. Hundreds of vultures circled in the sky, and then flew down to the curtain waiting anxiously. The whole process seemed dignified and calm, and there were no family members crying. Finally, when the curtain opened, the vulture began to complete the last journey of the deceased.

After watching the shocking burial, we continued to hurry and finally reached our destination of the trip within a few hours.

The Monastery is surrounded by heavy mountains, the monks in the ditch centered on the large sutra hall of the Buddhist academy are densely packed on all sides of the hillside. The countless crimson red huts are the residence of about 30,000 monks, they lived there for their life time with their paramount faith.

Walking in the red country, monks and devout Buddhist learners can be seen everywhere. Although their lives are hard, their practice is firm. I saw the eyes of the monks and Tibetans sitting outside the Scriptures, they stared at my eyes boldly, and I looked at them calmly. I can’t describe that feeling in words except by shocking me and it is better to feel it by others themselves rather than reading my words since different people may have different understanding about them.

I spent several days there although I don’t think I have ever been a devout believer. In my heart, I have been yearning for such a journey for a long time. Even if the journey is not comfortable or even ascetic, my heart is pleasant, inspiring and shocking.

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