Weekly Blog 4 : Travel Note of Bosnia and Herzegovina : Mostar &Jajce Old Town πŸ‡§πŸ‡¦

The panorama of a small town in Mostar.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country in the Balkans, bordering Serbia, Montenegro and Croatia and Looking across the sea from Italy. Based on the views and food here, I would say that Bosnia and Herzegovina is a fun and inexpensive destination with picturesque scenery.

The view of Mostar Old Town from the top of the bridge. β›ͺ️

Mostar is our first destination in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In the local language, “Mostar” means “the city of the bridge”. The old bridge was built in 1566 and is the landmark of Mostar, from the top of the bridge, you can see the magnificent sceneries of Mostar and feel the charms of ancient Neretva river. Also, the surrounding stone buildings and cobblestone streets are all worth visiting and attractive.

The capital Sarajevo is a wonderful place full of artistic sense and beautiful scenery. If you want, you can buy some food and feed the pigeons there. Besides, the main sight here is the traditional old town with many local merchants.

Along the way in the Old Town of Mostar, excepting the bazaar merchants and European tourists who came on vacation, I saw a special group of people, refugees. Local guide said that these people were refugees from Syria. They had no job and no place to live, and shrink to beg for a living in a shady pond in the old city.

Along the way, I also saw many Gypsy children who came around to ask for money. I didn’t expect a smile on their faces, but there was something in their eyes that really made me uncomfortable, the most appropriate description is hate. This was the first time I felt hatred from the eyes of a stranger. The other person was even a child only about ten years old. I imagined what kind of life would make children hate flashing in the eyes. I shuddered.

The cute couple that I met in Jajce old town.πŸ‘΄πŸ»πŸ‘΅πŸ»

Our second destination in Bosnia and Herzegovina is a small town called Jajce. There I met an old couple enjoying afternoon tea in the yard of their house. To be honest, I’m afraid of aging and death, but if someone faces them together with me, then it doesn’t seem to be as horrible as it should be. I am very envious of couples who can grow old and want long-lasting love. Therefore, after obtaining their consent, I decided to take a photo for them.

To my surprise, the grandpa not only spit out his tongue when taking pictures, but also greeted me with a wine glass. He was like a naughty child who brought me happiness with a grimace. I thought this experiences best represent what means “Lovely place with lovely people”.

To me, Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country that is a bit too real. Happy people live extraordinarily happy days, and painful adults don’t even want to appear in the sun. Sometimes travel and photography bring me more than just happiness. Other times they make me think. Although my little thoughts can’t make any earth-shaking changes for the situation, it ’s better to think than to be indifferent. I often comfort myself like this.

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