Weekly Blog 2 : Travel Note of Albania: kruja old town πŸ‡¦πŸ‡±

Small decorative items on Kruja old town market.

During my whole trip in Balkan Peninsula, there is one countries that really surprised me when I reached there, and its name is Albania. Before this trip, I had been to Europe several times and each time I tried to avoid Albania in my planing list since I always heard a lot of the negative information in Albania and always worried about my safety. However, when I was in Albania, my worries are take placed by the curiosity.

The nun and angel sculpture on Kruja old town market.

The one thing that impressed me deeply is the old market in the town. All the fabric goods that shows up on the market are hand made by local females, and I saw lots of accessories in the market looked similar to accessories that I had seen in Turkey since both countries used to be the colonies of the Ottoman Empire.

Elegant silverware on the market.

Excepting the dazzling traditional goods on the market, local citizens there also amazed me. I really enjoyed shooting portrait during my trip since each individual has their own stories and i really think that photography makes people speak for themselves not by words from mouth but expression from their eyes and body language. I took portraits for several adorable sellers in the market and would like to share it here.

An old gentleman who is selling his hand-made fabric products.

This grand old man is very nervous when I first ask him whether I can take a photo for him. After shooting several pieces, I checked his photo in the camera, he bent his frame nervously and his facial expression is unnatural. So, in order to catch the truest image of him, I decide to take a few photos while he’s not paying attention.

An old gentleman who is selling his hand-made fabric products.

By adjusting my strategies, I finally got the satisfactory result. In this photo, with little awareness of my camera, the temperament of this old gentleman is well displayed and I was attracted to him.

After taking photos for this old gentleman, I took several photos for other sellers in the market. They were all kind and shy elders and the temperaments of them are different with the models that I usually use. To me, the old town of Kruja is like a miniature of Albania, and the people in the old town make me fall in love with the nation.

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