Weekly Blog 3 : Travel Note of Montenegro πŸ‡²πŸ‡ͺ

The landscape of Montenegro on the road. ☁️

The scenery of Montenegro is unforgettable for my entire journey in the Balkans. Unlike some developed countries in continental Europe, the beauty of Morocco is not in the humanities and architectures, but in its stunning scenery.

The naturally winding terrain of forms a unique bay, and the rolling mountains on both sides of it seem to protect the bay. Here, I witnessed the most beautiful combination of the Adriatic Sea and the mountains, and also the most beautiful night view of Kotor (A small town in Montenegro).

The fields and house of Montenegro on the road. 🏠

The 19th-century British romantic poet Byron described Montenegro as:

β€œWhen the pearls of nature were sown, on this soil an overflowing handful was gathered… The most beautiful contact between the earth and sea took place at the Montenegrin littoral ”.

A beautiful but unknown lake we had encountered on the road. πŸ’§

Before I got there, I used to be curious about the name of Montenegro, so i did some research about the meaning of this name. The word “Montenegro” comes from an early Venetian dialect. “Monte” means mountains and ” Negro” means black.

The full name of this country is Republic of Montenegro, which means the nation that full of black mountain. During the time we spent in this country, we hd seen lots of mountains covered by green trees and grass, and under the refraction of sunlight, they look like black mountain.

The Cascading mountains and splendid views of the fields. ⛰️

The people of Montenegro really love the land under their feet. Whatever the shortcomings of this country, it cannot affect the love of Montenegrin people to their own country. My tour guide told me a very adorable stories of these lovely people.

Blue sky and white clouds without any impurities. ☁️

Once she joked to a friend in Montenegro, she asked him :”your country is too small, is it really a country?” Her friend replied in an extremely proud toneοΌšβ€œOur country is actually not small, it is large, but it is not obvious. If you use an iron to flatten all the peaks of Montenegro, you will find that our country is super big and may be bigger than Russia!”

β€œI really like their national pride that won’t be affected by anything.” Said by my tour guide.

The unrealistically beautiful Summer landscapes are like oil paintings. 🎨

As I see it, “Montenegro” may not be an elegant and pleasant name, but it is the most direct and appropriate name for this country. There are rolling hills and endless sea everywhere, and the primitive and the simple beauty really make me addicted to it. Compared to countries and cities that are very modern and full of tall buildingS, I prefer rustic natural scenery.

Whenever I stand on an extremely beautiful land, I can’t help but lament the greatness of nature and the uselessness of money and materials. I have to say, Montenegro is such a country that I have been reluctant to leave

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