As an art student who never touch things like dada and integration, this is the first time I know something like google analytics. After first talking about applying Google Analytics to a website in the tutorial, I gradually became interested in this tool. As a blogger, it is significant to know the existing audiences and the potential audiences since their hobbies and interests should somehow influence the designed and content of your blog. Hence, after seeing the result of my google analytics’ data, I generate some features of my blog audiences.

The source of my audiences

According to the result that I got from google analytics, during the time from 1st of December in 2019 to 5th of January in 2020, my blog has been seen by 142 people. Out of 142 audiences, 127 audiences view my blog through direct finding. According to my reasoning, most of these people should be my classmates and friends, because they are up to the name and address of my blog, so they can see my content directly. Besides, there are also 15 individuals view my blog through “organic research” and ” Referral” which are hard for me to identify who are they. Also, since I just add the blog link in my instagram account, so there are only 3 people view my blog through social media, but i think in the future, the audiences number of this sourced will increased.

The preference time period of my audiences

According to the chart that shows on google analytics, relative to the remaining days of the week, there are more browsing sessions on Sunday, Monday and Saturday. My understanding of this is that weekends are relatively free and easy time for most of people, so my audiences prefer to browse the web and blog during these times. To my surprise, there is no certain time period of the day that my audiences prefer to view the content. Before I see this chart, my hypothesis is that people prefer to spend their evenings relaxing and browsing blogs than the busy daytime. However, my audiences show how important social media is in people’s lives since they browse website and social media at anytime they want.

Audience geographic distribution map

Among all the data I have obtained, the result of this item also surprised me. From 1st of December in 2019 to 5th of January in 2020, there are audiences from 9 different countries in my blogs. Speaking honestly, I only expect viewers from 2 to 3 countries at first, however, when I see the dada that listed below, I feel a little incredible. Where do these audiences come from, and what information do they want from me? It wasn’t clear until I saw the specific country name. I suddenly discovered that many viewers came from the countries that I have n’t written yet. According to this, I make a reasonable assumption that people are always curious about countries and regions with different cultures, so they will constantly search the Internet for content related to this cultures or regions.

After reading all the data about my blog, I sincerely lament the power and advantages of data analysis.With the help of these tools, I can understand my audience and their preferences faster and more accurately so that I can adjust my blog content in time.

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