WEEK 7 PROCESS POST: Changing Elements of My Website

Based on the reviews that I received, I Make several change of the design elements on my website, including the size of the logo, the tagline, the structure of the menu, the removing of the side bar and the moving of some modules.

The first peer review are received from one of my classmates. The suggestion he gave me is that you might consider removing the side bar so that the whole interface will look more balanced and simple. After receiving his feedback, I tried removing the side bar from the surface, it works good. Without the distraction of the side bar, the surface looks simple and concise. The content that had been removed in the side bar are paced at the bottom of the website including the “Recent Post”, the “Recent Comment” and the “Categories”. Besides, I also adds the search bar in this area, by typing the key words in the bar, my visitors could immediately see the content they are interested in.

The second feedback that I received are from my professor, She suggested that my menu was too cluttered. With her advice and help, I added three submenus under the original menu, which are the “ABOUT” menu contains the Instagram account plugins and Youtube channel plugins, the “BLOG” menu that contains my weekly travel blog and the “Posiel” menu which contains my course works including essay, process post and mini assignment.

The last feedback that I received is from my teaching assistant, and she suggest me to use some travel photo as the background and remove the giant bunny logo because my audiences may get confused about my website theme and topics. Also, she suggest me to rewrite my tag line because it is too vague, and it is better for me to write something that shows my blog identity and specialties. According to her suggestion, I change my tagline from “Follow me to the wonderland” to “Follow a rabbit who loves【 TRAVEL & PHOTOGRAPHY 】to see the world in her tunnel.” However, I don’t want to remove my bunny logo since it is the identity of me, so I just make it smaller so that my audiences can see some of the recent post below it on the surface.

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