WEEK 6 PROCESS POST: The imagined audiences and their influences on my content design

“Who is my audience?”

when I first thought about this question,I was very confused since it seems that everyone can be my audience if they want. In my opinion, travel is a very open topic that everyone can participate and discuss about it. Due to this reason, I think firstly, I can make sure there is no limitation of my potential audience groups.

Then, because I have never written a blog before, I don’t really understand how to design the structure and settings of my blog. Also, since I don’t know much about the WordPress, it is hard for me to promote my blog and find a way to makes it known by lots of individuals. According to this, I didn’t expect my audience to be relevant to my blog content. Therefore, at beginning, my audienceS could only be my classmates, my teaching assistants and my professors.

To be honest, the concept of “imagined audience” helps a little to me. The purpose of my travel blog is to share the beauty, people, and stories I experienced during my travels. No matter what kind of person my audience is, it is certain that what I share will always be the experiences and feelings that come from my perspective. The stories and experiences that I told may have a strong subjective will, but I’d rather share the most authentic thoughts with you than say something nice to cater to a potential audience.

We have one Chinese saying about Shakespeare, said: “There are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people’s eyes”. Nowadays, the Internet can search everything. There are many bloggers who write travel blogs, so why do we still like to read these travel notes tirelessly, probably because of these real experiences or stories with individual differences?

Sometimes I ca n’t help but think, maybe there will be a part of my audiences who want to see other countries and the world in the eyes of others, rather than reading the same idiomatic travel notes that can be found everywhere. Hence, I use a bunny GIF as my blog logo and wishing that all my audiences can follow this rabbit to her hole and go through the tunnel to see the world with her perspectives.

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