WEEK 5 PROCESS POST: Document and Reflect On Websites

To be honest, in this era of fast consuming media, when I want to find something interesting and creative, I seldom see things like website but spend most of my time on social media platform like Weibo and Instagram. However, after designing my own blog, I bean to notice the interesting deign of some website. Of all the websites that I find interesting, there is a website of a Japanese hot spring hotel that grabbed my eyes firmly.

Shiratama no yu Kahou ♨️


The reason I love this site is its beautifully changed homepage. There are four different pictures that they have for the background of the front page, and these four background will change automatically while the visitors are browsing the website. By this way, visitors can have a very quick knowing about what specialties, food and facilities this hotel has, and may directly search or go to the part that they are interested in.

The second thing that I like about this website is the site guiding part. With the small pictures and text descriptions in this part, people can easily choose what they want to know and jump over. In addition, the bilingual design of English and Japanese also makes the site look more intimate. Besides, excepting information that related to the hotel, I also found things like sightseeing of surrounded viewpoints and if you press the part of “language”, they also have different website there for more available language.

More over, I really like the way they introduce the surroundings and food. It ’s a good idea to apply the theme of the four seasons to hotel promotion since each season has its own strength and through these introductions, visitors could find the best season that they want to plan the trip with this hotels. And, because it is winter, the intimate hotel directly displays the winter tourist scenery below.

Overall, I think the design of this website is well thought out. In terms of functionality, it intimately displays a lot of information that visitors want to know in a striking position, and in terms of aesthetics, its color matching and typography perfectly show the exquisiteness and calmness of the Japanese style.

If I have to identify some areas for improvement, I may suggest changing the color and font of some text parts, so that the overall browsing and reading may be smoother. Like this part, due to the light spots in the background pictures, some of the text could not be seen easilly.

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