WEEK 12 PROCESS POST: The Community Guidelines

According to the topics and content of my website and the readings of this week, I realized the importance of guiding comments of my blog. In the readings, things like anonymity, sexism and racial discrimination really destroyed the harmony of online community and these behaviors should be guided properly. Hence, in order to guide my audiences, I planned several community guidelinesto protect both them and myself.

  • Encourage comments that related to the topic: As a travel blog, it is important for me to know viewers opinions toward the content and receive feedbacks from them. So, any suggestion and critics are encouraged.
  • Be respectful to other comments and viewers: It is normal to feel disagree or have different opinion with other viewers, however when replying to others, please be respectful and empathetic, express yourself reasonably.
  • Respect worldwide belief and cultures: Since the topic of this blog is travel, the content of several blog post may related to fields of religions and cultures. Please be respectful to the differences and keep positive attitudes toward others’ cultures.
  • Offensive content will be delete: Please be careful with the words that you use for comment, any offensive and Inappropriate content will be removed.
  • No anonymity: We do respect privacy for others but it is also important to protect ourselves. please leave the content when you login in with you own information.
  • No sexism and racial discrimination, be respectful to other’s identity: Be respectful to others’ identity and race is the rule of this community.

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