WEEK 11 PROCESS POST: Plan For Incorporating More Transmedia

Until recent days, the only media that I used to advertise my blog is Instagram. However, what I do so far is just posting the link of my website in the bio part of my account and put several ins stories so that my followers can know that I have a website and I am currently posting content about travel on it. For me, this propaganda is not enough, it is not so much a transmedia with my blog but another platform that have some adds on it. So, additional to add more transmedia channel, I will first keep looking up the best way that Instagram as a trans media could provide.

The bio part of my Instagram account with the link of my travel blog.

This week’s reading “POKEMON AS TRANSMEDIA STORYTELLING” really help me a lot to get a idea about what transmedia should have and do. In the article, the author pointed out : “Transmedia stories are based not on individual characters or specific plots but rather complex fictional worlds which can sustain multiple interrelated characters and their stories” This really means that I have to find a way that all my transmedia streams could work together towards a same goal, to deepen my image as a travel blogger. After careful consideration, I chose TikTok as my second transmedia platform.

TIKTOK is now a very famous social media platform in China and even worldwide.

There are two reasons that I chose TikTok. First of all, I think video is another form of media that has its own strength of dynamic manifestation. With the help of sounds and vivid pictures, it is easy to deliver the feeling of me to my audiences.

secondly, I think TikTok really help me to show my travel experiences from another perspective. Comparing with text content only provides feelings and images that only provide the present moment, video enables a sharing of continuously moving moment with vivid sound.

As I talked above, I really think that TikTok should be my second transmedia. Not like videos from YouTube which last at least several minutes, videos from TikTok only consume 15 seconds from audiences. Within this 15 seconds, audience could quickly get the ideas and interests of the designers and may trace to the blog if they have interests in the provided contents.


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