WEEK 1 PROCESS POST : An Encounter With a Stranger

Hi,this is Rebe!
Nice to meet you ❤️

Honestly speaking, this is the first blog that I had ever write.

I had thought about building up my own online space several times, but this thought always ended by my procrastination. For me, learning this course might be a good start and hope that after a semester of study and writing, I can still update my blog as I am now, and turn blogging into a habit.

During the first two weeks of September, I stayed in China for physical examination and treatment because of illness, which made my progress far behind other students as well. So what I am doing now is to keep up with everyone’s progress and try to write something that I wouldn’t normally write.

The first difficulty of this course that I encountered is talking to a stranger. Talking with Chinese is not a big deal for me since communication in my first language is not too hard. However, this time in order to challenge myself, I decided to take the initiative to talk to a foreigner. The place that I decided to meet this person is a Japanese ramen restaurant, I chose the seat around the ramen bar because it is small, and the guests sitting there are usually eating alone. I ordered a bowl of ramen and began to look forward to meet this stranger. I did not wait for a long time, after several minutes, an asian woman sat next to me and ordered her plate in Japanese.

I have enjoyed Japanese culture since I was a child and I also hope to learn Japanese these days, so I tried to talk with her by using my poor pick up skills. Since she just ordered a plate that looks tasty, so I just said: “Excuse me, what is the food you just order? It looks great!” She didn’t seem to think that I would suddenly talk to her, so she was a little bit shocked, but soon she turned to normal and told me that dish called “Mayo Shrimp”. I thanked her and said that I really like Japanese food and culture. When she heard it, she came to the interest and asked if I have been to Japan. As a Japanese cultural enthusiast, of course I been to Japan and I really had a wonderful time there. I told her some places where I have been to in Japan, and she also gave me some useful suggestions, such as what is the best restaurant in Osaka, and where is the particularly beautiful viewpoint in Tokyo.

We talked about some other things while eating as well, and I was amazed to realized that if people talked to strangers about the topics that they are interested in, they wouldn’t be very embarrassed. For me, this is a brave and successful attempt, and it is also an attempt that I will not always do. Of course, I am also very glad that I have made such an attempt and got such a valuable experience in my lifetime. ❤️

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