WEEK 3 PROCESS POST : The Map of My Website Design

Although I am writing this process now about my blog settings, the map here only shows the ideas that I had at the beginning of this semester. After receiving some feedbacks from my professor, my TA and my friends, I made some changed already.

At first, I think about having the giant GIF rabbit on in the middle of my blog surface and put everything else like the recent post and social media plugins in the side bar. Since the main thing that I want my audience to notice about is the rabbit and the website subtitle below it, so I only have one drop down menu in the middle of the menu place and put everything that I had wrote under this menu including the posiel content, my own weekly blog post and the self-introduction part.

Below the drop-down menu, I designed a place for my audiences to view my newest and recent posts with the titles, little content and giant featured images. I do this because I think the things that take up the most part of the screen can grab individuals’ eyes immediately in the first sight, no matter what it is. So, making my giant GIF logo and Huge featured photo on the surface of my blog is the best design for myself at the moment.

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